(Crayons & Dolphins)


• Responsibility and self-reliance

• Socialization skills

• Increasing language and vocabulary

• Phonemic awareness

• Gross and fine motor skills

• Beginning math, numbers, patterns

• Group games

• Music

• God cares for me


Kaylon krukiel - Crayons

"This is my first year in a formal education setting, however I have spent several years studying education and student teaching in a variety of grade-levels. I'm excited about my first year here at SVUMC! 

A fun fact about me is that I was a dancer for 18 years and was a state champion in baton twirling. I twirled everything from a single, double, flag batons, and also batons on fire!"

Lauren Tharpe - crayons

Thank you for welcoming me onto the SVUMC Preschool Staff, this is my first year teaching here. I taught elementary special education in Plano for six years prior to having my two wonderful girls. My oldest attended SVUMC Preschool and my youngest currently attends. Fun fact: I once swam with sea lions in the middle of the ocean while sailing in the Sea of Cortez!

Jamie Leneau - dolphins

"I have been teaching for 18 years. The last ten years, I taught at a private Christian school in Southern California. This is my second year teaching at SVUMC Preschool. I love working here and really appreciate how welcoming everyone has been this year!

Fun fact about me: I have danced since I was three-years-old. I also taught dance to ages 2 through adult. That's why my sons have such amazing dance moves!"

Mary Arredondo - dolphins

"I have been teaching for four years: one year in New York and three in Texas. This is my second year at SVUMC. I love to bake for friends and family. I also love to go to my boot camp workouts. It's all about balance!"