All staff is hired based on a combination of education and experience. Our three- and four-year-old teachers are all degreed teachers. All of our teachers have experience, a heart for children, a love for learning, and share a Christian faith.

  • DIRECTOR • Samantha benjamin

    "I have been in education since 2005, teaching every age from six weeks to fifth grade. I began my time as Director here at SVUMC Preschool in October of 2015.

    Fun fact about me: I was in the Navy for over seven years and have visited more than 15 different countries and have been on four of the seven continents!"


    "I have been working at SVUMC Preschool for four years. A fun fact about me: I taught competitive figure skating for 23 years."

  • Administrative assistant • Rose Alyce Beasley

    "I have been teaching for 42 years, all of them at SVUMC. 

    A fun fact about me is that I really enjoy reading and working with kids! "

  • WEB DESIGNER • Ben Flores

    "I've worked with children for the past 13 years, and have done web design for 2 years. A fun fact about me is that I build my own computers in my spare time!"

  • SUBSTITUTE • Kathy ann paul

    "I spent two years teaching; I have been in childcare for over 30 years. I am going into my second year at Spring Valley UMC Preschool. A fun fact about me: Often times people think I am talking to myself, but really I am just thinking out loud!"

  • SUBSTITUTE • Rudite Rastandeh

    "I have been teaching in Dallas for 36 years and am now retired. I spend a lot of time walking with my dog and going to the dog park." 

  • facilities manager • Tony holiday

    I started working at Spring Valley July 1st , 1975. I have seen many children come and go, including my two daughters and  two granddaughters. I’ve always enjoyed being around the kids and working with the teachers and Directors to make Spring Valley a fun and safe place to be. My staff and I take pride in keeping things as clean as possible so that everyone has a good experience while they are here.