Lunch Bunch is Monday - Thursday, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. (additional cost)

  • One day = $60 monthly
  • Two days = $120 monthly
  • Three days = $180 monthly
  • Four days = $240 monthly

Drop in lunch bunch is available if space allows for the fee of $20 per day.

Spring Valley UMC Preschool offers Lunch Bunch to families enrolled in regularly scheduled classes. If your child stays for Lunch Bunch, you will need to send a lunch to school with your child. It is important for each child to bring a well-balanced, nutritious lunch to SVUMC Preschool since parents are responsible for meeting their child’s daily nutritional requirements.

All lunches must be ready to eat. We can't refrigerate lunch boxes, so please send food that can safely remain at room temperature until around 12:00 p.m. We do not have the ability to heat up food served for lunch. Also, send plenty of food — children are very busy in the morning and are hungry for lunch. You do not need to provide a drink as water will be served with lunch.

Please be sure to send any required utensils. Cut up all foods that could be a choking hazard (examples: uncut grapes, uncut hot dogs, hard candy, large fruit chunks, large cheese chunks, etc.)